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'20s Plenty For Us' is a non profit organisation campaigning for 20mph speed limit to be normal on residential streets. In order to make our community a safer and healthier place to live Fraser & Wheeler have gained permission from the local authority to errect new signs that have been created specifically to grab driver's attention in order to reduce their speed. 

The '20's Plenty' campaign is rooted in the belief that a slower speed limit significantly enhances the safety of neighborhoods. Fraser and Wheeler Estate Agents understand the importance of creating environments where residents can walk, cycle, and play without the constant threat of high-speed traffic. By advocating for a 20 mph speed limit, they aim to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents, ensuring that streets become welcoming spaces for everyone. Beyond the immediate safety benefits, the '20's Plenty' campaign also aligns with broader environmental goals. By promoting a reduction in traffic speed, Fraser and Wheeler are contributing to lower carbon emissions, improved air quality, and a more sustainable urban environment. The campaign reflects the agency's commitment to responsible and eco-conscious real estate practices.

Fraser and Wheeler Estate Agents' '20's Plenty' campaign is a testament to their vision for safer, more vibrant communities. By taking a proactive stance on urban safety and environmental responsibility, the agency is demonstrating that real estate can be a force for positive change

If you would consider being part of this initiative by allowing Fraser & Wheeler to errect a '20's Plenty' board at your property then please get in contact with Sarah by phone 01392 420410 or email