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Local estate agents Fraser and Wheeler have helped provide another life saving defibrillator- this time for the residents of Oxton, a hamlet near to the village of Kenton.

On this occasion the machine was jointly funded by Randar Ltd. a local company providing real estate management services.

Ben Fraser of Fraser and Wheeler said that in a situation involving cardiac arrest the timely availability of a defibrillator in the first few minutes really can make the difference between a life lost or one that has been saved. The directors of Fraser and Wheeler all totally support the provision of these wonderful machines in as widespread a way as is possible.

The Oxton defibrillator is in fact the fourth one that has been provided by Fraser and Wheeler-the three previous ones are located at The Manor Council Offices in Dawlish, at The River Exe Floating Cafe/Restaurant and at The Age Concern Centre in Cowick St. Exeter.

A fifth defibrillator has been provided by Fraser and Wheeler for The Turf Hotel Nr. Topsham and that machine is being installed at this moment in time.

The photograph above was taken at the presentation of the machine to Oxton and seen photographed from left to right are Bob Chapman of Randar Ltd, Ben Fraser of Fraser and Wheeler and Sue Diffey chair of the Oxton Neighbourhood Association.